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How did I let this happen !!

I can't afford to be pregnant !!

You are not alone!

We are here to help!

My boyfriend says it's not his!!

How could he say that to me?







This is a site created by women who were faced with an unplanned pregnancy.


You have your own unique situation. We have covered as many situations possible.  Be patient and read through until you find what you need, or call and we can help. 

Do you need help working through your options and point out the emotional/financial assistance that would best help?

*Would you like to speak to someone that has been in your situation?

*We have adult/children that were adopted that are available to share their stories with you.

*Everyone is different. Some women do not want extra attention. Some pregnant women just want to get the pregnancy over.  We respect and can provide as much or little assistance you want.

*Many women feel like their unplanned pregnancy can be turned into a type of surrogacy for the parents they have chosen.. 


      It's not that I don't love this baby.  This baby                    deserves more than I can give right now.