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I am behind on my rent and electric. With an adoption can they pay to help me catch up?   

          My boyfriend does not want to be a father.

This babies father has two other children he is not helping with. 


What Living expenses are allowed for a woman in an unplanned pregnancy that has made an adoption plan?  Many woman like to say it is an "unplanned surrogacy".

A pregnant woman never has to pay for anything with an ADOPTION.

The Adoptive couple pays all Legal and Living Expenses.

A pregnant woman that has decided on an adoption plan is allowed living expenses.

Many times pregnancy can make it impossible to keep a job especially if it requires  physical labor or time has to be taken off for doctor appointments.

Many states allow for expenses to be paid during the pregnancy and post partum. (6-8 weeks after birth)

´╗┐Many women can not financially afford to be pregnant and go for months with no income.  It is important for a pregnant woman that is placing a baby not to be stressed physically or emotionally. 

SOUTH CAROLINA / NORTH CAROLINA understands how difficult an unplanned pregnancy can be and ALLOWS any South Carolina /North Carolina Couple to help with EXPENSES, no matter what state the pregnant woman lives in.  

Allowed expenses:

*rent/mortgage (back rent if late)









*DAYCARE (for your other children)



*COUNSELING (not required but available)

If you have an expense that is not listed but you want to know if it is covered, give us a call or text and we can check.. You do not have to live in South Carolina to receive living expenses.

Call any time:::(803) 429-4444