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Pregnany can change a woman in body and mind..  


Any woman that is pregnant and does not know or has blocked out she is pregnant, is in a major crisis. She does know something is wrong or different.  Hormones can be so overwhelming that she could go in labor and deliver at home and not realize what is happening. Out of fear or desperation. she might take the baby and leave it somewhere that it will not be found, or found too late.  Many of these situations are believed to start out as accidents. These women may be in shock and want the baby to be quiet. If you find yourself in this situation, please call our 24 hour line 803 429-4444. We can quickly tell you what you need to know to settle a baby down while you think through the situation.  A woman that may be in silent turmoil with her pregnancy could do things that she will come to regret.

I  answer this phone 24 hours a day for any woman in an unplanned pregnancy and  it is totally confidential. Many women do not know that the legal part of adoption can be very quick. Have you hidden this secret for months only to realize  that you have to trust one other person to help you with this last part. One phone call to me, you sign your papers, you are finished and on your way. If more people understood  how simple adoption is then there would be no news reports of babies found. 

There is no crime if you call and let me help you. The problem could be resolved in those precious few minutes. If you think you might be in this situation and you feel like your only alternative is for there to be no record of this birth.                              THERE IS A  LEGAL ALTERNATIVE WITH THE SAME RESULT.  

 Before you do something rash that will put you in prison. youneed to know there is a quick legal alternative and no one needs to know. Years ago all adoptions were done quick and quiet. We have attorneys across the USA, at a moments notice will help with the papers. If you are having any of these thoughts, block your number, call me and letme explain. You would simply sign papers andmove forward with your life. If you are in a state that requires more legal participation from you, we can finalize in a state where you have no participation after you sign. Unless you tell someone, no one should ever know. Don't let a split  second decision  ruin your life. Let me help you resolve this.Please make a point to tell one other person about how we can help a woman that finds yourself in this situation.                  You never know when you might be the one to save a life.

Its just a phone call  803 429-4444